Current Project

Keep up with what I am currently working on by checking back here periodically.  Just about every month I have a new and exciting project that I am working on for fun.  This page will be updated regularly whenever something major changes on the project I am working on.

Current Project: Un-named HEX Grid Turn Based Combat Strategy Game

In my current project I have been taking the time to do things a bit different.  I have never created a game that used tile based movement.  I have created games that utilized an array of points that represented a grid for placing objects on (Super Rumor Spreader) but never with any true movement.  I have typically created systems where the player is in direct control of their character or where a navmesh is used to aid in moving characters.  This project has allowed me to begin playing with movement logic in a different way.  The system utilizes a somewhat homebrewed version of the A* movement algorithm.  I read a very basic rundown of how it works and then decided to attempt to tackle the problem my way.  I was only able to find references on how to create a movement system for square based grids utilizing multiple values to determine the best path.  The one constant is that they all began their logic at the end point. So I used that concept and proceeded forward.  I was able to achieve basic and efficient movement without any special values and significantly less calculation.  The system basically finds the end point, checks every hex around the end point, picks the hex with the shortest distance to the start point, and then uses that tile to again check for the best hex until it is in a position where it is next to the character(start point).  Once there, the character utilizes an enumerator to move from point to point until it reaches the endpoint.  For anybody wondering why I use an enumerator for movement instead of the Update() method it is because by triggering movement in enumeration it runs as a coroutine.  That saves on system calls during times when the character is idle. Less polling == less system demand.

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