Memento Mori

Unity 5 Photoshop CC Visual-Studio-2015

Memento Mori is a game about the changes and experiences a person goes through during the course of their life.

As a Ludum Dare 35 Entry my friend and fellow designer Paul Korolenko and I created this game over the course of 72 hours.

Ludum Dare is an event that provides game designers with a platform to hone and display their skills to the community.  During the event a theme is selected and the community creates games based on that theme.  Afterward there is a three week window during which time games can be voted on by other participants.  The theme for Ludum Dare 35 was shapeshift.

When we originally began developing our idea both Paul and I decided that we did not want to go with the mainstream convention of shapeshifting.  We researched shapeshifting as it is understood in both historical and mythological references and decided to go with a more abstract definition of the word. We decided to focus on the way that a person’s perception of the world changes based on the experiences they had throughout life.


While designing the game we decided that we wanted to use abstraction to define the importance of the experience that the character has.  Less important parts of the memory are abstracted while critical parts are clear and well defined.


Another significant thing about our submission is that we created the entire game using only primitives and a few sprite assets. There are no 3D models in the game and there were no special assets used during the development of the game.

Finally, we decided that this game should be available to anyone who wanted to experience it. Because of that we posted it publically on

If you are interested in playing the game you can play it in your browser.

Original LD35 Submission:

Memento Mori – Original Submission







Revised LD35 Submission with Checkpoints and WebGL support:

Memento Mori – Checkpoints and WebGL Support


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