2D Examples

One of the first game engines I ever used was Perlenspiel.  It is a wonderful tool for playing around with very simple pixel based graphics.  While using Perlenspiel I was introduced to the fundamentals of JavaScript.  I ended up making only 4 projects with Perlenspiel but it is something I have always wanted to play around with again.  Below are a few examples of games I created with Perlenspiel.  Just click on the image next to the game title to go to their project pages, there you will find more information abut them and be able to download a zip file that contains a playable version of the game.

Panic – 2014

 Treasure Hunt – 2014

Sketch – 2104

Espionage – 2014

After Perlenspiel I was introduced to Unity3D.  I first made some 3D projects in Unity using JavaScript and was then introduced to C#.  Below are 2D games using Unity3D as the game engine.  I hope you enjoy.

Space Warrior – 2015

Space Warrior 2

Once Legendary – 2015


Work Sleep Repeat – 2016 – Global Game Jam

Memento Mori – 2016 – Ludum Dare 35


Transcontinental Hustle – 2016 – Ludum Dare 36


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