Sometimes making a game is not enough.  Sometimes you have to explain your game or show it off to others for them to get interested in it.  Other times a game pitch is needed.  Here are some videos of those things happening.

This is a game pitch that my team and I (Team Dingo) created.  We were given a short video to base our concept off of and had to develop the game idea and pitch from there.  What we ended up with was the only 100% on this project to ever be given in the history of the class all due to the amazing teamwork and skills each team member brought to the table.  I hope you enjoy.


This is a post-mortem walkthrough I did on my game The Escape.  In it I go over what I was proud of and what I was hoping to improve on.  Enjoy.



This is the gun firing effect created with the Barrett M98A1 Game Asset I created. Enjoy.




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