This was my first ever attempt at using Maya for creating 3D models.  I created this model as a prop for an assignment in which I needed to create some special effects.  A video of the effect created can be found under the video section of the site for those who are curious.  The model took me about 5 days to complete (I was literally learning Maya from scratch while attempting to build the model).  This is a very high resolution model that contains 16867 verts and 12942 faces.  Since the model was made to be stationary in the scene and the quality of the project was of high importance I believe the astronomical amount of polys is fine for what I was using it for. The gun can be dismantled.  it consists of the barrel, bolt, magazine, upper stock, and lower stock.  The separate pieces allow for easy animation of the object.  The internal structure of the stock is bare.  I did not include internal components like springs and such. I plan on making a low poly version in the future. Watch for it!


Download the FBX and check it out for yourself.  Let me know what you think!


m98a1rear M98A1 Front

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