How to run the game.

Windows and Mac will most likely prevent you from playing the game immediately since it is not digitally signed (we don’t have a publisher we are making this ourselves from scratch at home).  These are the steps you will need to take to launch the program.

Windows 8

Right click the file and select extract all.  Then open the newly created folder and look for the .exe file.  Double click that file to launch the game.

When the security prompt appears, you should see a small link on the bottom left of the notification panel that says “see more”.  If you click that link the panel will expand and you will see a button that says “launch anyway”.  Click that and you will be able to play the game!


Hold down “control” on your keyboard and then click the game file.  A warning window will pop up. Select “Open Anyway” and you will be playing in no time!

All Users

Unity allows the players to adjust their resolution settings before playing the game.  The recommended settings for all players are any resolution that appears on the resolution list (it is locked to a specific aspect mode to ensure the best play experience) and “Good” on the graphics quality.  Since the game is sprite based, running it on “Fantastic” will not result in better graphics.

Some antivirus programs will flag the game as harmful and attempt to delete it. This occurs because we do not have a digital signature on our game as it costs an arm and a leg and we made this on a budget of $0.

Rest assured that there is nothing harmful in our game!  Nothing but fun!

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