Super Rumor Spreader Change Log

Super Rumor Spreader Double Detention Edition Turbo!

Click the sleepy girl to be taken to the project page where you can download and play the game for yourself!


Current Build: Gold Ver 1.1

Change Logs—————————————————————

Gold 1.1

Included – Created a working Android version and successfully deployed to the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S6.

Included – Randomization of leaderboard headers.

Included – Modified the leaderboard entry box.

Resolved – Successfully modified the start screen to make the game compatible with MAC.

Resolved – Modified the menus to better fit the screen on multiple devices.


Gold 1.0

Included – Bread crumb system that displays a play hint when the player hovers the mouse over a student in the class.


Beta 1.5

Resolved – Logic problem that caused student status bubbles to be stuck displaying the wrong icon if the player clicked in rapid succession.

Detected – Animator problem that occasionally caused sleeping characters status bubbles to activate when they should not be active.

Included – Sound FX for when the teacher charges up his attack.

Included – New combo system that provides the player with a multiplier when they click students in rapid succession!


Beta 1.4

Included Sound FX for items thrown by the teacher. The items with new sounds are the rainbow, stop sign, and book. We still haven’t decided on the appropriate sound for the desk.

Included Explosion sound when a student is owned.

Included Persistent data keeper for the functionality of leaderboards.

Included – Functional Top 10 leaderboard.

Included – New title screen icon for the leaderboard.

Included – Top score gameplay tracker functionality. Now the highest score will always be displayed in the play screen for the player to see.


Beta 1.1

Included – Working Mac build!

Included – New How To Play user interface!

Included – New music!

Included – More rumors!

Known Bugs:

Low Occasionally the student bubbles will pop up when they are not being contacted.

Moderate – The splash screens on the Mac build cause the game to become unresponsive forcing the player to force quit the application.  NOTE: The splash screens have been disabled in the current Mac build until a solution is found.  The Mac version will still function but, players will not see the splash screens at the start of the game.


Beta 1.0

Included – Included functionality to allow players to throw notes to other students when they encounter their first dead end.

Included – Included the ability for students to re-activate, increasing the gameplay session length and increasing the ability for strategy to be involved in the game.

Included – Implemented a hidden combo building system.  Players can now earn bonus points for passing the rumor to a student that has been re-activated.  Players can also earn increased points for transferring the rumor at a high rate of speed.  Currently the default value decreases from 200% of its normal value to 100% of its normal value over 1 second.

Included – The teacher is now informed by the tattle tales in the classroom of the rumor being spread about.  The teacher will increase in aggression as the tattle tales become increasingly irritated.  Currently the teacher’s speed, wait time, and throw speed are all affected by the changes.

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